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Radiology technology refers to the use of specialized equipment and techniques to produce medical images of the body. Radiologic technologists, or radiographers, are the healthcare professionals operating the equipment and performing imaging procedures. They work under the supervision of a radiologist, who interprets the images and makes a diagnosis.

Radiologic technologists in the United States must complete an accredited degree or certificate program in radiologic technology. National certification is handled by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Many radiologic technologists have additional training in a subspecialty, such as:

The role of radiologists as expert witnesses

In medical malpractice cases involving misinterpretation of imaging test results or other types of radiology malpractice, there is often some dispute as to whether the supervising radiologist or the radiology technologist was negligent. In these situations, a qualified radiology technologist can offer a professional opinion on the applicable standards of care and whether they were met or breached. They can explain issues pertaining to testing protocols, maintenance and calibration of radiologic equipment, and more.

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