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Paramedic Expert Witnesses

The expertise attorneys need in cases involving emergency medicine

Paramedics are highly trained healthcare professionals who work in emergency medical situations, usually in the field in ambulances, emergency response vehicles, and mobile units. Paramedics may work for fire departments, hospitals, or private ambulance services. They are trained to handle various medical emergencies, including assessing the patient’s condition, stabilizing them with treatment and medication, and providing transportation to a medical facility for further care.

Paramedics in the United States must complete an accredited one- to two-year training program. Certification for paramedics is handled by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Paramedics, along with emergency medical technicians (EMTs), respond to a wide variety of medical emergencies, including traumatic injuries, cardiac arrest, stroke, respiratory distress, severe allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, burns, and psychiatric episodes. They work closely with firefighters, police, and social workers in mobile crisis units.

The value of a paramedic as an expert witness

In medical malpractice cases involving alleged negligence by a paramedic or EMT, an experienced paramedic can explain whether the emergency responder or EMS agency met the applicable standards of care. They can also offer their professional opinion on whether their action or inaction led to harm or complications for the patient.

Paramedics can also be valuable expert witnesses in personal injury matters because of their extensive experience treating acute injuries. A qualified paramedic can offer their expert opinion on the cause of an injury, such as a broken bone, burn, or gunshot, to help attorneys get to the truth of what happened and who was responsible.

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