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Since 1986, we’ve been providing the best in medicine to many of America’s finest attorneys. We provide medical expert witnesses for all practice areas, including but not limited to:

In addition, we now provide physician life care planners to advise on clients’ future health care needs and costs in catastrophic injury cases.

We are an integral part of your team, supporting your efforts from start to finish. Read on to see why Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants is your best resource for personal injury and medical malpractice expert witnesses.

Free case summary review

We understand the decision to pursue a case is critical for your firm, especially in medical malpractice matters that require a high degree of up-front investment.

That’s why we offer a free case summary review. At no cost to you, the director of Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants will discuss your case with you and offer her professional opinion. We’ll discuss the details of your case and help you decide whether it’s worth pursuing.

If you decide to move forward, we’ll provide the medical expertise you need to offer zealous representation for your client. And even if the case isn’t viable, you will at least be able to offer the comfort and confidence that comes from having a medical expert evaluate the matter.

Medical expert selection

We take the burden off the attorney by researching and retaining the appropriate medical expert with your approval. The medical expert physician’s credentials are shared with the attorneys and CV’s and are made available with each review.

Our medical experts are Board-Certified, highly qualified physicians – the same doctors we’d go to if we needed treatment. Ellen Rieback personally vets all of our expert witnesses to ensure that their credentials are beyond reproach.

We take particular pride in recommending experts who work with both plaintiff’s attorneys and defense attorneys. We’re not biased toward one side or the other; we are on the side of the truth, wherever that leads.

"Very professional, have helped us several cases. Referred to us by the best of the best." - Benjamin

Fast turnaround time

We are well aware of the critical importance of deadlines in the legal process. That’s why we carefully manage each case to ensure a thorough and timely review. After receiving the medical records from the attorney, each case is expressed to the individual medical expert physician. Each medical expert physician is called prior to receiving medical records to acquaint them with the attorney with whom they will be working.

Our average turnaround time is one to four weeks, depending on the circumstances, but in emergency situations, we can turn around our evaluations within 24 hours.

Ongoing medical guidance

Upon completion of the review, the attorney is contacted by the medical expert physician to discuss the case in detail. Written reports are also available if requested. The attorneys using Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants have benefited greatly from the conferences with our medical expert physicians.

In addition to providing a detailed report on the merits of the case, our medical experts are available to teach attorneys about the medical problems present, assist with preparation for depositions, and provide guidance on the different avenues available in pursuing the case from a medical standpoint. The medical expert physicians are also available for ongoing consultations as your case progresses, using their understanding of the anatomy, physiology, pathology, treatment protocols, and omissions to prepare you to think on your feet as medical issues develop.

The Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants team stays actively involved in each case to ensure smooth communication and take the burden off your team. You can request the level of involvement that works best for your needs.

Judge holding gavelFollow-through and trial testimony

The same expert who conducted your initial case review will also be available for depositions, hearings, and trial testimony (with adequate notice) if required. Our experts are willing to buck the “culture of silence” around medical malpractice and provide objective, effective testimony in support of your case.

Medical expert educational training

In most cases, the medical experts we provide already have the training and experience needed to offer highly effective deposition and trial testimony. But, if you need an expert with specific credentials or a niche specialty who requires additional training, we can provide this service as well.

No hidden costs

Reviews are done on a straight hourly basis.

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Our medical expert witnesses are ready to assist your team. For more information about our services or to discuss a potential case, contact us today.

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