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Nursing Home Nursing Expert Witnesses

Experienced, highly qualified nurses for abuse and neglect cases

Nurses and nursing assistants play a critical role in nursing homes. They administer medications and medical procedures to residents, monitor their vital signs, and manage their medical conditions. They also help with activities of daily living and coordinate care between other medical providers, physical therapists, and social workers. And they respond to medical emergencies such as broken bones and advanced bedsores, potentially saving residents’ lives.

As such, nurses can be vital expert witnesses in nursing home neglect cases that involve negligence on the part of the facility’s nursing staff. An experienced nurse can explain the applicable standards of care and offer an opinion on whether the standard was met or breached. They can also provide opinions on whether an injury or illness was caused by negligence and what the resident’s prognosis may be.

The Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants network includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists with expertise in geriatrics and palliative care and extensive experience in nursing home care. The key to many nursing home negligence cases is an experienced nurse expert witness who can speak credibly and objectively about the standards of care in the defendant facility.

The experience to support preeminent nursing home neglect attorneys

Legal matters involving nursing home abuse and neglect often come down to a “battle of the experts.” For decades, we’ve provided the best in nursing to support the legal community. Our expert witnesses are highly qualified, credible, and available for both consultation and trial testimony, and we serve as an integral part of your team from start to finish. Contact us today for a free case summary review.

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