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Immunology is the branch of biomedical science that deals with the immune system in organisms, including its physiological function, malfunctions of the immune systems (such as immune deficiency or autoimmune diseases), and the system’s chemical and physiological characteristics. Allergists and immunologists are doctors who treat patients with allergies and immune disorders.

Allergists and immunologists in the United States are first trained as either internists or pediatricians, then complete a fellowship in an allergy/immunology training program. The accrediting body for this specialty is the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, which is a conjoint board of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics.

Allergist and immunologist malpractice matters

Although allergists are not often sued for medical negligence, because allergies and immune disorders can trigger life-threatening complications in some patients, there are some circumstances in which malpractice can lead to devastating harm. Examples of allergist malpractice matters include:

  • Advising a patient they do not have an allergy when they do, which can cause the patient to not take proper precautions and be vulnerable to severe allergic reactions.
  • Errors in administering medications such as allergy shots.
  • Not following standards of care in treating autoimmune disorders.
  • Failing to perform a differential diagnosis and make an appropriate referral to another specialist when symptoms that appear to be caused by allergies are actually caused by a more severe underlying condition.

Allergists and immunologists may also be needed to support malpractice cases involving allergic reactions to medication. An allergist can evaluate medical records to determine whether the healthcare provider appropriately identified the allergy and took steps to avoid administering the medication to the patient.

The role of allergists and immunologists in personal injury cases

Some personal injury cases involve a client’s reaction to a food, medication, insect sting, or another allergen. In these situations, an allergist or immunologist can evaluate the patient's medical records, determine the extent of the patient's allergic reaction, and explain the long-term consequences of the reaction.

In addition, in some cases, traumatic injuries can trigger autoimmune responses in individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as lupus. An immunologist can explain the cost of treatment for such a reaction and the client’s long-term prognosis.

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