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Radiology: Ultrasound & Fetal MRI

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Fetal ultrasound is a routine part of prenatal care during pregnancy, typically performed to monitor fetal growth and development, detect any abnormalities, and estimate the due date. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that all pregnant women should have at least one ultrasound in the first trimester and another in the second trimester. In some cases, additional ultrasounds may be ordered by the healthcare provider to monitor specific conditions or concerns. Fetal ultrasound is considered safe for both the mother and fetus and does not use ionizing radiation.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is not a routine screening tool during pregnancy because it requires specialized equipment and expertise. However, fetal MRI is becoming more and more common, especially in situations when ultrasound is not able to provide a clear picture or when more information is needed for diagnosis. When performed properly, fetal MRI can help detect structural abnormalities or developmental problems that may not be visible on ultrasound. It can also provide information about the brain and other organs of the fetus.

What is fetal MRI malpractice?

Fetal MRI errors are often significant factors in birth injury cases when an abnormality or risk factor could have been detected with a fetal MRI. Some errors involve misinterpreting ultrasound or MRI results or failing to follow up with a specialist. Others involve failing to order an MRI even when it is medically indicated.

In these situations, an OB/GYN and/or a radiologist may be needed to testify, depending on the situation. A qualified physician can describe the applicable medical standards of care and whether the test results were interpreted correctly in accordance with that standard of care. A radiologist can also opine whether a given abnormality would have been visible on a fetal MRI had one been ordered and whether that may have resulted in a better patient outcome.

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Birth injury matters involving fetal ultrasound and fetal MRI errors are complex. The right expert witness can make all the difference. Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants has been working with many of America’s finest birth injury attorneys for decades, and our network includes highly qualified radiologists, OB/GYNs, radiologic technologists, and other medical professionals who can offer clear and objective testimony. Contact us today for a free case summary review.

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