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Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Expert Witnesses

The insight attorneys need on cases involving cerebral palsy, ADHD, and more

Neurodevelopmental disabilities is a medical field that focuses on the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of conditions that affect the development of the brain and nervous system, such as intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cerebral palsy, and other developmental delays and disorders.

Neurodevelopmental disability specialists may be trained as pediatric neurologists or pediatricians. They have focused training in children’s developmental problems that are specific to neurodevelopmental disabilities. Board Certification in neurodevelopmental disabilities is overseen by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

Neurodevelopmental disabilities can affect an individual's ability to communicate, learn, socialize, and perform daily activities. Diagnosis and treatment of these conditions often involve a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists, and therapists.

The importance of neurodevelopmental disabilities expert witnesses

Neurodevelopmental disability specialists can be key expert witnesses in birth injury cases since brain damage before and during delivery commonly results in neurodevelopmental disabilities. An expert witness can offer a professional opinion on the cause of a disability such as cerebral palsy or ADHD and provide insight into the role of negligence in the case. A neurodevelopmental disabilities specialist can also testify about the extent of a child’s condition, the likely long-term implications for their health and quality of life, and the cost of ongoing care.

Expertise in neurodevelopmental disabilities is also critical in injury cases where a child develops a disability or has a pre-existing disability. For example, if a child with autism is involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustains a brain injury, a neurodevelopmental disabilities specialist can help to evaluate which symptoms can be attributed to the brain injury and which can be attributed to the pre-existing autism so that the plaintiff’s damages can be accurately calculated.

Our team can find the right neurodevelopmental disability expert witness for your case

Legal matters involving neurodevelopmental disabilities can be exceptionally complex and generally have high stakes due to the high cost of lifelong care. If you are dealing with a legal matter involving neurodevelopmental disabilities, we can provide a highly qualified expert witness to provide objective testimony. Contact Rieback Medical-Legal Consultants for a free case summary review.

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